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We are very excited to announce that General Traffic are the first UK Stockist of Wynns brand new product, Airco Pure Royal Oud Aircon Cleaner.

Wynns Airco Pure Royal Oud

Wynns offer an extensive range of automotive treatments and additives to remedy most vehicle problems and restore the vehicles systems back to optimal performance.

Wynns was founded in 1939 by Chestien Wynn when he discovered a formula he later named “Wynn’s Friction Proofing”.

Since then Wynns products have been used in numerous different highly publicized events, from setting the land speed record in 1957 at 270mph! Or being used by NASA on lunar mission to protect critical equipment in extreme temperature changes.

Wynns latest product, Airco Pure Royal Oud Aircon Cleaner, is a highly effective cleaner for air conditioning system found in today’s automotive vehicles. It eliminates unpleasant odours, pollen & nicotine residues, microbes, mould and bacteria.

Wynns have created this product using a highly sort after scent in the middle east, Royal Oud.

Oud is the most expensive wood in the world, also known as Agarwood or Aloes wood. It has attained worth and value across the world due to its distinctive fragrance. It is the most prevalent fragrance across the Middle East and has become a popular domestic fragrance due to its welcoming aroma.

Airco Pure is available in store or online in singles, doubles, triples, six’s or twelves. To purchase Wynns Airco Pure Royal Oud please click here.